• anime fans: we want strong female characters!
  • anime fans: but not just physical strength. we want emotionally strong ladies, too!
  • anime fans: we need female characters who take no shit! we need female characters who are kind and loving! we need female characters who show and recognize weakness! all kinds of female characters!
  • hiro mashima: *creats a cast of diverse female characters who are all strong in different ways and recognize their own weaknesses*
  • anime fans: oh my god lucy's useless! lisanna's annoying! evergreen's a bitch! erza's overpowered! the girls in fairy tail are only there for fanservice! why aren't there any good strong female characters?!

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【aph】ツイッターらくがきまとめ②【腐】 by まなも
Permission to repost given by artist.


【aph】ツイッターらくがきまとめ②【腐】 by まなも

Permission to repost given by artist.

You'll probably experience worse things than what 
you saw today.



posted with permission from the artist

[Blog Update] Japan-san and etc.



Japan-san with his fringe cut to the same length.


Fem!Poland and Fem!Lithuania as requested.
I’ve changed the design a little.

Thank you for reading my serialized manga!
I will be adding more characters very soon, so I’m been coloring some mini characters.
Also, it’s difficult designing the emperors!



And because of that, the emperors end up in Japanese armors or looking like rpg warriors or dressing in cool bad-boy style, it’s a little out of control like that…



Done with chapter 9! 

Thank you ennui160 for grammar checks ^^ 

For higher resolution, check my blog or right click it to a new tab! 

thanks for waiting! 

Poopy translations 9.2! (finished) 

going to go eat lunch now @w@  


I realized I forgot to attach our precious Goubby to my earlier post, so here she is! He little sandals are so cute!

  • Ciel: Bring me tea, butler.
  • Sebastian: I do have a name, young master.
  • Ciel: Oh wow, I am so sorry, Sebastard. Now get me some fucking tea.